R’Club Success Stories

Good morning! I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the efforts of R’Club at our school. We recently had a Black History Celebration, and it was very impressive. Moreover, our students participated in several performances that enabled them to learn about the fine talents of our black men and women throughout the history of our nation.  

Drum Circle at our 5th Annual Celebration Breakfast

 As the visual arts teacher at our school, I was mostly excited about one young student, whom I have been working with for several years. He is a most timid child, and I was so amazed to see him in a scene on stage, where he was miming a jazz pianist from the swing era in a most expressive way. It is clear to me that efforts such as these are the ones that make our students into successful men and women, who are able to make positive contributions to our society. I am thankful to see so many efforts, such as these, made by the R’Club staff.

Susana Leotaud
Foxy Art Learner
Fairmount Park Elementary
Ms. Mindy

My son has been with you at R’Club, Marjorie Rawling’s for approximately 5 years. In all this time we have always had a good experience. You have worked with him on certain behavior issues and have always shown us respect and understanding, understanding being a lost characteristic in many people today. I know my son appreciates and respects you, and so do I, you’re the best and I’m glad you are a part of R’Club.

On January 31, 2012, due to a medical emergency I was unable to work, with no benefits or income. I was able to return to work on March 12, 2012, full time, but due to my employers’ pay cycle I did not receive my first paycheck until March 30, 2012. It was critical for my son to return to R’Club in order for me to return to work. I could not rely on his mother, my ex-wife, to financially help with the R’Club expense. Ms. Mindy, when you offered to look into an R’Club special grant I never expected the generosity that I received. Receiving a 30 day Grant to cover my son’s R’Club payment was a blessing that removed an extremely heavy weight off of my shoulders. I am sincerely appreciative of the gift we received and my goal is to repay this grant back to R’Club in the form of monetary donations in order for R’Club to be able to help other families in need.

Thank you so very much, words can never express my gratitude enough.

Ray C
Proud father of D.C.
To Whom it May Concern,

My son is not biologically my son. The child I refer to as my son is my nephew. I have had him since the death of my sister and it has been hard at times. I have had trouble with him doing his homework and behaving in class and at home. Last year, his brother and he fought a lot. My son would get in trouble at school because of his attitude and behavior. This year, he signed up to be a Kid- Leader. This school year he finally got the opportunity to become a Kid-Leader. Kid Leaders are mentors and helpers in the R’Club program. Kid Leaders assist other children and staff. The staff reports to the teacher on a weekly basis to see how well the Kid Leaders are doing. My son’s role as a Kid Leader has helped him immensely. He now has something to look forward to, and his attitude has changed and his grades have improved. The communication and the support I have received with R’Club is tremendous. All I need to do is tell him I am pulling him away from being a Kid Leader and he immediately corrects himself. I can say he has changed and he is a role model at school and at home.



To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter on the behalf of Ms. Trina and Ms. Anjie. Last week I attended a group therapy session about my daughter and was told that she has improved a great deal with her social, gross, sensory, and academic skills. After telling the therapist that my child is now enrolled in R’Club, which is a before and after-school program, I began noticing a remarkable difference myself.

My child is placed in a group with children of different ages, some with disabilities and some without. There are sometimes limitations she must encounter due to her regular classroom placement with other students with various disabilities and grade levels. I noticed that my child was learning more from the children in R’Club that were a grade level or two above her. She began trying to talk more and using the restroom on her own. Things the therapist said that my child wouldn’t achieve in a long time. However, I have observed that it took a few months only to see a difference, and the therapeutic staff say it is because of R’Club.

I observe my daughter taking over the staff attendance, walkie-talkie and pen, while sitting next to the director. These are some of the things we see her participating in and learning how to do on her own on a daily basis. My daughter has Autism, and there was a time I could remember my daughter wouldn’t give me a hug. I have watched the staff give my daughter and other children hugs. Soon after, I noticed that she would allow me to give hugs.

The big day came when my daughter walked up to me to embrace me with a hug. The success story in this letter appears so small, but it is so huge to me because my daughters’ struggle with her sensory condition has proven that she can touch and embrace her mom to hug once in awhile. One of the greatest feelings a mother can receive is receiving a hug from her only daughter.

Thank you for your time,

R’CLUB has made “LIFE” a bit easier these past years by relieving my family’s stress. In this tough job market I am on my 4th lay off in the past years (2010 to present). R’CLUB has helped relieve stress within myself and help my boys, who have ADHD have an outlet for all the extra energy. The staff has been wonderful in bringing my spirits up when I am looking a bit down or overly stressed. They always know how to bring a smile or giggle to my face. Also co-peer in parenting, to just lending an ear to listen on any day-to-day activities.

Being at the R’CLUB I have seen a difference in myself. I am less stressed, I have an outlet where I can release my stress, and I make time for my “kids” spending a few extra minutes working on extra class work, class projects.

R’CLUB is able to let my kids enjoy all the activities offered, like belly busters and assistance in homework when extra time is needed. Also, teaching my kids how to handle socialization, new peer friendships, how to handle anti-bullying, sharing, team building. It is so refreshing to work with a staff so understanding and who make me laugh when I look overwhelmed, over stressed, and when I just need to smile!

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