Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

I’m writing today to sincerely thank you for such an outstanding and crucial program your organization is providing for so many families.

Parenting is hard and humbling for all of us but HIPPY has guided us with very timely and wise advice and has also made it easier and more fun for us to teach our 4-year old daughter to develop various Pre-K skills.

My wife and I will always be grateful and have a great admiration for Mrs. Constance Tarpley and the rest of your staff.


Henry and Alba G
HIPPY has changed my life by giving me the resources to prepare my children for their school years. It has taught my children to learn to LOVE homework time. It also has taught us all that it is important and fun to set aside learning time each day.

Yvonne L
Why I Like HIPPY:

HIPPY has been a wonderful influence in my son’s life. Not only does the homework aspect require me to carve out time in our busy schedule, it also brings the family together at the table because my 2-year old loves to do his “homework” with us. This program is helping my children understand how important education is and showing them that they can do anything. I especially love this week’s topic of “Sometimes Big, Sometimes Small” because it has taught me to really look at my relationships with my son and how I treat him as “sometimes big, and sometimes small”.

Tina W

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