Welcome to “Commitment to Character” (C2C) at R’Club

“Commitment to Character” continues in the summer in all R’Club programs with a focus on the following words of the month:

June: Courage- Being brave in difficult situations, challenging yourself.
July: Patriotism- Demonstrating allegiance to one’s country.
August: Respect – Treating yourself and others with courtesy and consideration

Please visit the following websites if you’re looking for suggestions and activities to do with your child related to character development.

www.charactercounts.org – Nationwide initiative to support nonpartisan character education.

www.character.org – Nonpartisan coalition of organizations and individuals who are dedicated to promoting character education in our public schools.

www.goodcharacter.com – Free resources for teachers

www.youthethicsusa.org – Youths ethics organizations designed by teens for teens

www.lawsoflife.org – Laws of life essay contest

Reading is one of the best ways to promote character education and decrease summer learning loss, so please visit the following link for a list of books that build character:


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