R’Club is Important . . .







Every month the youth at John Hopkins R’Club visit Bridges to Learning Preschool to read to the children. The children really enjoy the reading and interaction and our R’Club kids get to see first hand that they can be positive role models for younger children.

R’Club is important to me because…

During Lights On Afterschool celebrations at Walsingham and Southern Oak, parents, children, and staff were asked to write
a little note to share why R’Club is important to them. Enjoy a few of the responses below as they were written by the children.

“R’Club is important to me because all the gropleters.” Sierra

“I love R’Club because it’s cool fun and I just love R’Club…Love Isabella”.

“R’Club is important to me because the R’Club teachers are so nice to me and R’Club is fun.” Brianna

“They take care ov us and they do roll call to make sure were all here and that were not lost.”

“I love R’Club it is important to me.” Kylan

“they are nice and they take care of RClub and the group leders help us and if we are hert.” Abigail

“It help the kids do there home work and it Awsome!” Davius

“it is cool and it fun and osem and I made lots of frend’s with lots of pepol like cade and I just like R’Club.” Cypher

The following was written by “Proud R’Club Dad” on the Great Nonprofits website.

“As a dad, I have found R’Club to be absolutely tremendous in not only the programming and function of their counselors, but in the way the children are respected. I’ve always heard that “you have to give respect to get respect” and the counselors at Thurgood Marshall take that to a whole new level.

After 5 years of being ‘forced’ to use another provider due to the centralized decision-making of our schools, our daughter now actually gets miffed when I pick her up a few minutes early from R’Club! Kudos to the staff and organization! “

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