A Sports Camp Story

My child, Cameron, was part of the sports camp team this past summer. Although he was reluctant to join and he didn’t start the first or second weeks, Mr. Craig gave him the opportunity in the third week to just try it out. The sports camp program gave my son the opportunity to be part of a team.

Before sports camp, Cameron didn’t always display the best of behaviors and choices. It was like all of a sudden he was able to learn and he was focusing on how to make the right or better choices by playing team sports. Being part of a team made him so very proud. He cared what his coaches, Mr. Carson and Mr. Steve thought about him and he became more aware of his behavior in all aspects of his life and daily routine. By the end of summer he cared how all people were viewing him. I believe the sports camp program, Mr. Craig, his fantastic coaches and other wonderful R’Club staff helped my child learn positive decision making by being part of the sports camp team.

I am a single parent working 2 jobs and I can’t afford for my children to sign-up at the local community center for baseball, football, soccer, basketball, etc. So as a parent, this summer sports camp program was not only a great opportunity for my child, but was ideal for our lives. I would be disappointed if it wasn’t available this coming summer and the following summers down the line. Not to mention how heart-broken by son would be if I had to tell him there was no more sports camp. Please continue the summer sports camp program. It is essential to my child and others like him. It has had an impact and influence on my son in the best possible way.

Christian J.
A Sports Camp Mom

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